What Would Make You Happy?

If I had the chance to disappear  for a whole day, I think I would run away to the woods or to a small provincial european town.

Someplace where nobody knows me, and where no one would miss me when I’m gone. A place where I could really be myself and just hear my own voice.

There I could find out who I really am and what I really need to feel complete. I could be happy and do the little things that I like without having to listen to anyone.

I could talk alone or with animals and stones, without being called crazy. I could gorge on sweets without worrying about clothes or weight. I could lose hours for returning  home. I could get rid of anger and grief. I could dance without music. I could sing out a song that nobody likes. I could walk barefoot. I could pretend that life is perfect. I could pretend to put my life in hands of fate, and now I have no responsibility.

I could feel free.